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Arsenio Sunday: Our History

This Sunday at Arsenio we bring you to the top of our Florentine hill to reveal the history of our company with a timeline of key moments up to today.

Welcome to Arsenio SRL, the company which merges gastronomy and science to create the highest quality extra virgin olive oil. Our mission is 100% organic and eco-friendly, and we invite you to upgrade your health and culinary experience with ORA, our extra virgin olive oil.

Our Founder

Arsenio SRL was founded on top of one of the Florentine hills by Arsen Khachaturyants - young chef, sommelier and mathematician - in 2019. His mission is to create a unique, highest quality product from the perspective of both taste and science. Fusing mathematics and gastronomy, Arsen invites you to upgrade your culinary journey with our premium line of extra virgin olive oil, teaching you about the flavor profile of each bottle and where to use it.

Arsenio SRL Timeline

October 2020 brought the first harvest of SOMMO - our limited edition line of monovarietal extra virgin olive oils. Each bottle is part of a vintage collection which, just like premium wine, varies from harvest to harvest. SOMMO from Italian translates as "on top of the hill", representing how the harvest for this collection came solely from the top of one of the Florentine hills. All trees were carefully separated by olive cultivar - Moraiolo, Frantoio, Leccino and Leccio del Corno - to underline the unique flavor profile of each variety.

A year later, in October 2021, we collected our first harvest of ORA. Translating from Latin as "on the edge", ORA line represents our expansion of harvest from just the top of the hill to many edges of Tuscany. All trees that serve as part of our harvest are 100% organically grown. In addition to the vintage collection of monovarietal bottles, we gathered top extra virgin olive oil sommeliers to create two types of blends: blend "corposo" & blend "delicato", strong and delicate, respectively.

Future of Arsenio Sunday

Every week on Sundays we invite you to step into the world of Arsenio and learn about what is happening in our company. We are excited to teach you the entire process of creation of our product - ORA. Not only will we teach you the science and gastronomy behind our company, but also all the fun and challenges of production.

This is how we wrap up each week, with #ArsenioSunday.

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