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Arsenio Sunday: Organic Agriculture

Arsenio SRL is proud to call itself a fully organic farm. What does it mean to be fully organic and what challenges does it bring?

At Arsenio SRL, we cherish nature's capabilities and are deeply concerned about the environmental challenges of climate change. Therefore, to protect the Earth and work harmoniously with nature, we choose 100% organic agriculture to underline rather than destroy nature's powers. However, not all olive oil farms are like us. It is time for you to learn the difference between organic and non-organic farming.

What is organic agriculture?

"Olives are very delicate fruits and are easily penetrated by chemicals at conventional farms. You may not taste it, but your gut does. This is why we go organic, to bring you not only the taste, but also health."

As a fully organic farm, at Arsenio SRL:

  1. We use NO pesticides.

  2. We use NO herbicides.

  3. We use only natural fertilizers.

What happens at non-organic farms?

Most large-scale production of olive oil is done conventionally. What does that mean?Synthetic nitrogen fertilizers are often used to enrich nitrogen in the soil, while herbicides and insecticides rid the fields of unwanted weeds or insects. In addition, naphthaleneacetic acid can be used in attempt to increase the olives’ size. These compounds are

Why choose organic?

Your Health

The full cycle of ORA production is entirely organic. On our farms, we use zero pesticides and herbicides, meaning that each bottle of ORA is guaranteed not to contain any undesirable chemical toxins and compounds that may negatively affect your health, but are often present (and not reported!) in most conventional oils. Health of your gut, which is in the driver's seat of your whole immune system, is influenced by these overlooked chemicals that you may consume as a trace product of conventional farming.

Our Planet

Not only do the toxins used by conventional farms pose a threat to your health, they are also threatening the health of the planet. Damaging small ecosystems disturbs the larger ecosystems - this is how environmental problems start in the first place. We want to protect our Earth and invite you to join us by purchasing your bottle of ORA.

It's time to go organic. It's time to #GoForORA.

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