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ORA in the Kitchen: Buckwheat Bowl

Grano Saraceno, as buckwheat is known in Italian, is a staple in regional dishes from the Valtellina area, be it pizzocheri, polenta taragna or sciatt. It originally came from the southern Siberian regions and reached Europe in the late Middle Ages. Like many other grani antichi it has never been modified to increase yields and has a natural and genuine taste.

The name in both languages is confusing since it is actually neither a wheat nor a grain. Grano Saraceno has all the nutritional characteristics of a cereal and a legume but does not belong to either family. The starch it contains is easily digested, it has high protein content and is gluten free. It is also beneficial for the immune system since it is a good source of magnesium, copper, zinc and manganese. In short, it is a brilliant base for a nutritious bowl.

Our monocultivar oil, Ora di Leccio del Corno, has intense flavors of bitter almonds and young artichokes, with a fruity and spicy finish. It is perfect in a dish like this to compliment the avocado and enhance the other delicate flavors here. Be sure to use pre-roasted buckwheat which has a nuttier taste, or toast it yourself in a dry saucepan.


  • Roasted buckwheat (boiled)

  • Avocado mash (avocado, lime juice, pinch of salt)

  • Spinach (stewed)

  • Microgreens and coriander

  • Protein of choice: soft boiled quail eggs, trout, salmon

  • Toppings: chili flakes, black pepper, herbs of choice, drizzle of ORA


  1. Prepare the buckwheat overnight by soaking it in boiling water.

  2. In the morning reheat the buckwheat, cook the spinach and prepare the avocado mash.

  3. Start assembling the bowl by first mixing the buckwheat with 1-2 tbsp of ORA di Leccio del Corno.

  4. Add all the toppings: avocado mash, spinach, quail eggs, steamed trout/salmon and all the microgreens.

  5. Drizzle with more ORA di Leccio del Corno for extra flavor.

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