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Goats Cheese, Honey & Fig Toast... on the go!

There is no shortage of ways to use our oils to upgrade and transform even the simplest of meals. Again, just like our avocado toast recipe, we are using very few ingredients of the highest quality. Here the star of the show is our Di Frantoio monocultivar oil. This oil is characterized by a slightly sweet taste and a bitter and spicy finish, with a hint of pine-nut and almond. This slight sweetness brings out the same notes in the honey and the fig. The dual textures of the goat’s cheese, both soft and hard, and the mouth feel is complemented by the persistence, elegance and pleasing bitterness of this particular oil.

Goat’s cheese, known as caprino from the Italian for goat, is considered by many to be amongst the healthiest and most digestible of cheeses. While cow’s milk has both A2 and A1 beta casein proteins, goat cheese has only A2 beta casein. This means that goat cheese and goat milk are easier to digest. Caprino also contains vitamins, minerals, heart-healthy fats, calcium and beneficial probiotics.

Just like the production of olive oil, the production of goat’s cheese is a historical Tuscan agricultural practice. We love the Alto Mugello Caprino made only from the milk of goats bred at 500-650 meters above sea level. Animals graze freely there all year long and this gives the milk and cheese a particular taste and aroma.

To prepare:

1 slice fresh sourdough bread

1 slice local soft goats cheese (to spread)

1 slice local hard goats cheese (to crumble)

1 fresh fig

Drizzle of local honey

Drizzle of ORA di Frantoio

Follow our video recipe:

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