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End of Year

Ciao everyone,

Here we are, at the very end of 2022. Our olive groves are quiet now after the excitement of harvest in October. The vineyards are dormant. Sunsets are exquisitely beautiful at this time of year. The agricultural calendar slows down and farmers like us can take a breath. There is finally time to take stock of the whirlwind year that has passed.

2022 has been a year of growth and satisfaction. It witnessed the launch of our online shop and the joy of witnessing our precious oil making its way in the world. Sharing our passion and our product is enormously gratifying. We are thrilled to have recently tasted with Tim Spector, microbiome pioneer.

It has been a year of fine-tuning recipes to choose the right oil for each dish (check out #arseniointhekitchen on Instagram! And of learning to throw and catch food on film.

If we were to ask for anything more, it would be for snow. Quite apart from the romance of a white Christmas in Florence, snow is a natural insecticide and the best way for the land to absorb water without risk of topsoil erosion. We wish for an invigorating cold winter and a good 2023 growing season - and, of course, we wish you our very best for a wonderful holiday season.

Thank you for staying along for the ride this year.

See you in 2023!

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