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Arsenio Sunday: Eco-Friendly Packaging

From organic agriculture to plastic-free packaging and transportation, we are proud to be a fully organic company with a mission of protecting our environment.

This Sunday at Arsenio we are packing up the boxes for world-wide deliveries to reach different corners of the world from Tokyo to London. Therefore, it is time to tell you why Arsenio stands out from other agricultural companies on the market. We are completely transparent with you, because we are a fully organic company and have nothing to hide. Let's unpack the ORA box together to explore what our packaging is made of.

We are on an eco-friendly mission to minimize our environmental footprint. At Arsenio, most of our packaging is fully biodegradable. We said no to polystyrene packaging and only use 100% recyclable cardboard for transportation purposes. Our bottles are made from thick Florentine glass which we created to serve as an art piece and obtain a second life after the oil is finished. We encourage you to use it as a vase or a candle holder. The beautiful labels on all bottles are also fully recyclable. With the newest innovations, our labels are made from lemon peels.

The boxes in which the bottles are packed are made from recyclable cardboard and manually assembled. Even the chic sleeve is made from the same eco-friendly cardboard.

Therefore, by getting your bottle of ORA, you can join us on the mission of caring about the environment. Every step of our way towards creation of ORA is eco-friendly. Enjoy your organic bottle of Extra Virgin olive oil while appreciating its nature-friendly journey to you.

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