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ORA in the Kitchen: Decoding the Flavours

Are you ready to upgrade your meals with our premium Extra Virgin olive oil? In this post, our top olive oil sommeliers teach you the flavor profile of each bottle and what foods to combine it with.

ORA is special. Not only is it uniquely high in antioxidants and polyphenols, but the exceptional chemical composition is also reflected in the flavor profile. Due to the variation in polyphenol and micronutrient content in each cultivar of olive, each bottle in our vintage collection has a different flavor profile and now it is time to teach you what to expect from each.

Leccio Del Corno

Extra Virgin olive oil with a beautiful green colour. Has intense flavours of bitter almonds and young artichokes, with a fruity and spicy finish.

Goes well with

Legumes Steamed beans Tomato salads Baked potatoes Spelt soups Salmon Shellfish au gratin

Swordfish tartare

Baked rabbit Roast poultry Goat cheese


Extra Virgin olive oil with herbaceous, fruity tones and hints of almond, with slight bitter and spicy notes.

Goes well with

Fresh cheeses

Fish carpaccio



Extra Virgin olive oil with a strong body, bitter and pungent touch. Has intensive fruity notes with a touch of fresh-cut grass and young artichokes, with a clear herbaceous punch of mint, sage and basil.

Goes well with

Vegetable soups

Red meat and game

Bruschetta Cooked greens Mature cheeses


Extra Virgin olive oil with a slightly sweet taste, with a bitter and spicy finish. Has dominant fruity notes, with an intense aromatic and fragrant core.

Goes well with

Barbecued red meat

Pulses Croutons Vegetable soups

Blend Delicato

Extra Virgin Olive oil with herbaceous flavours enriched with pleasant notes of dried almonds.

Goes well with

White meats Shellfish

Grilled swordfish

Salmon salads

Blend Corposo

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a spicy and bitter tones with hints of young olive, artichoke and sweet almond.

Goes well with

Bruschetta (i.e. bread + oil + tomatoes)

Vegetable soups Meat dishes Tomato sauces Aromatic salads

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