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Arsenio Sunday: Red Power

As well as producing our four monocultivar and two blended Extra Virgin Olive Oils, we also cultivate saffron. We are using biodynamic methods and are proud to be hand-harvesting this valuable spice that has been grown in the hills around Florence for over 500 years.

This weekend we have been eagerly poring over a scientific article from last September regarding some of saffron’s health benefits (see full article here).

Of course the medicinal use of saffron dates back thousands of years and crosses multiple cultures. This recent research paper goes into depth regarding the potential benefits for various diseases of our times, including Covid-19, depression and Alzheimers.

Saffron stigma – which is the part we harvest for culinary use – contains 150 chemical compounds. Three of the main compounds are crocetin esters (responsible for the intense yellow color), picrocrocin and safranal. These compounds are strong antioxidants and have proven anti-inflammatory action. The concentration of these compounds depends on the quality of the saffron so it is best to locate a trusted source making a premium product with the utmost care.

You have our contact details, right?

Buona Domenica!

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