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Arsenio Sunday: Un Pesce D'Aprile

Today’s lunch is a gorgeous Mediterranean sea-bass, branzino or spigola in Italian, prized by chefs for its consistency and flavor. Our branzino was simply baked “al cartoccio”, wrapped in parchment paper to maintain moisture and flavor intensity, and served with a drizzle of delicious Blend Corposo, the perfect companion to exalt and compliment this fish.

Look out for our upcoming post about the Italian tradition of “pesce d’aprile” – our April Fool’s Tradition.

It’s impossible not to think of the fantastic April Fools launched by the BBC back in 1957 about the Spaghetti Harvest in Ticino. In the pre-globalised world this prank was believed by some viewers who wanted to buy their own spaghetti bush. This is believed to be one of the first times an April Fool’s hoax was staged on television.

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