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Arsenio Sunday: Top Tuscan Placements

This Sunday we have wonderful news to share. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is now available in three distinctive and emblematic locations in Tuscany; Caffe Scudieri and the Caffetteria Palazzo Pitti in Florence, and the Nannini Conca D’Oro in Siena.

Caffe Scudieri is right in the center of Florence with outdoor tables in front of the Baptistery and in sight of the Duomo. Whether you are grabbing a quick coffee at the bar, as Florentines have been doing since 1939, purchasing a be-ribboned box of chocolate-covered orange peel to take home, or simply enjoying an aperitivo and some quality people-watching, this is the place to do it. Quality and elegance are intrinsic to this wonderful place, with its signature crystal chandeliers and marble counters.

The Nannini family is inextricably entwined with Siena and they have been serving up their own-roast coffee for over a hundred years. Their carefully guarded recipes for typical Sienese cakes and sweets are legendary. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is now available in the Conca D’Oro, on Banchi di Sopra, which leads straight to Piazza del Campo. We will be organizing an olive oil sommelier tasting experience in the near future. We are pleased to take our place on these historic and prestigious shelves, surrounded by the best of Tuscan products.

Last but not least, visitors to the Pitti Palace who need a place in which to recover from Stendhal Syndrome (also known as Florence syndrome, the rapid heartbeat and palpitations that can be caused by overexposure to beauty and art), can enjoy a sit-down at the Caffeteria Palazzo Pitti - and our oil….

As they say in Italy, sono soddisfazioni….

Buona domenica!

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