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Arsenio Sunday: The Significance of Taste

Here we are again, on another sleepy Sunday in the hills above Florence. In this city of timeless style and impeccable taste, we have been contemplating the sensory aspects of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

In 2008 Lloyd’s of London insured the nose of a leading winemaker and taster for 5 million euros ($7.9 million), covering the Bordeaux producer against the loss of his nose and sense of smell. The same company insured the taste buds of restaurateur Egon Ronay. Recently the anosmia caused by Covid-19 has been a source of extreme concern for sommeliers and chefs everywhere since it directly impacts their trade and livelihood. Bordeaux University has issued a special training booklet for managing taste and smell disorders to recover olfactory abilities and sensitivity.

In the world of food and drink, the significance of smell and taste are well documented. Less well known, perhaps, is the importance of these aspects when it comes to Extra Virgin Olive Oil. EVOO is the first product in the world where sensory analysis is given the same legal weight as lab tests and parameters. Look out for our upcoming post that explores the significance of taste when it comes to enjoying - and certifying Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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