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Arsenio Sunday: The Bee Tree

Have you ever found yourself in an avenue lined with linden trees in summer? The aroma is quite something, and the sound is equally impressive!

Lime or linden trees, Tiglio in Italian, are common in all of Europe. They are large trees that can live as long as 2.000 years. They bear an enormous number of small yellow flowers that are a wonderful source of nectar and pollen for honey bees. During flowering, the trees literally hum with happy pollinators. There’s so much nectar – as much as 40 pounds per tree – that bees can gather an incredible full ounce from each flower. In fact it is known as the “bee tree.” For many cultures, tiglio was considered to be a sacred plant symbolizing longevity. The flowers and leaves are used in phytotherapy, due to the high concentration of polyphenols.

We are so happy to have just harvested our own miele di tiglio, golden in color and unforgettable in flavor, with an surprising note of mint for such a clear honey.

Buona Domenica!

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