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Arsenio Sunday: Ravioli Fiorentine

Have you ever wondered why there are dishes called Quiche Florentine, Eggs Florentine or Sole Florentine? In French cuisine, dishes that include spinach are called à la Florentine although you are unlikely to find them served in Florence. The term comes from Catherine de Médici who, upon her marriage to King Henry II of France in 1533, introduced the French court to all her favorite vegetables including her beloved spinach.

Spinach is the star of many Tuscan dishes, whether slipped into vegetable soups, as a filling for ravioli and tortelli, or sauteed as a side-dish. This Sunday, we are delighted to share a recipe for Ravioli Fiorentine with you, exalted by our ORA di Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Buona domenica from Arsenio!

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