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Arsenio Sunday: our EVOO en route for China!

This week we have been preparing a shipment of our oils, destination Shanghai.

We are delighted to be in China and in this city in particular; Shanghai is renowned for its diverse and wonderful gastronomic landscape. There has been a Shanghai specific Michelin guide since 2017 and the most recent edition the city had 43 starred establishments (for comparison, Italy - with just over double the population - had 374!).

The best Chinese chefs agree that flavors in high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils work brilliantly with their cuisine. Although historically EVOO is not a component of Asian dishes, due to the health benefits and the influence of the West, it is becoming steadily more popular in both China and Japan. Both countries actually produce their own oils too (China’s production accounts for only about 8% of the country’s consumption).

We can’t wait to know that our own artisanal product is being enjoyed in the “Pearl of the Orient.”

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