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Arsenio Sunday: Insalata di Polpo

It’s finally September, a wonderful month in Tuscany. We are still enjoying warm days and balmy evenings, but nights are cooler and morning temperatures are fresh and invigorating. These are perfect conditions for humans… and for olives and grapes.

This Sunday we would like to share the recipe for a delicious salad that we often make for a light lunch or to bring to a picnic. There are a lot of myths about how best to prepare tender octopus, but it is simpler than you might think; all you need is time and a premium olive oil to bring out the delicate flavor of this fantastic source of lean protein.

The octopus should be placed whole in a large pot and covered with cold water. There is no need to add salt or vinegar. Simply bring the water to a boil and then turn the heat down to simmer for up to an hour, testing for tenderness. It is important to let the octopus cool in the cooking water in order to set the skin.

When you are ready to prepare the salad, carve the octopus by cutting off the tentacles where they converge at the body and chop into pieces. Mix with chunks of boiled potatoes, halved cherry tomatoes, oregano, black olives and capers. The final but essential touch to bring this simple dish together is a generous pour of ORA Di Moraiolo Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Polpo is low in calories and fat but rich in nutrients that support heart health, mental health, the gut microbiome and more. It contains vitamins B6 and B12, selenium, copper, iron and zinc.

Buona domenica!

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