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Arsenio Sunday: An Update from the Grove

It has been extremely hot for the last couple of weeks, with temperatures well over 30°C / 86F. We were worried that the delicate period of fruit set might have been compromised by these high temperatures but fortunately this has not been the case. Our groves are above Florence; thanks to the altitude, ventilation is constant and night temperatures are low enough to offer some relief. It is a pleasure to see that the boughs on our trees are already bearing little green olives. 

Unfortunately we are experiencing the worst drought in the last 20 years and the water levels in the aquifers are extremely low. Residents of Tuscany are being asked to avoid wasting water and everyone is worried that the next step could be a ban for watering vegetable gardens. We, along with all of Italy’s farmers, are looking forward to some rain so that we can harvest a healthy crop.

Buona domenica!

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