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Arsenio Sunday: A Sweet Experiment

Today is an exciting day here at Arsenio – we had the first taste of our own millefiori honey! What an absolute treat to have honey in the comb for our breakfast.

Olive trees are, of course, pollinated by wind but the presence of bees in our groves is an important indicator of grove health. Plant and animal biodiversity and cross-pollination of wild plants are all extremely desirable phenomena and we are delighted to sustain the local bee population as colonies around the world collapse.

We have started this honey adventure as an experiment for our own personal use but we are passionate about bees and consider the responsibility for our little colony a great one. We have started with just a few hives and are benefitting from local expertise as we learn more about preserving hive integrity and how best to protect them from predators. As an organic farm we are delighted to have our own hives and do our own small part for the bees. Their presence is an indicator of our responsible stewardship of the land – and the honey we have been enjoying is a magnificent reward.

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